Our Vision

The Vision of the Art Central Foundation is to advance regional engagement in the arts through nurturing creative experiences in our students and the community at large. Our aim is to provide consistent, quality programming so that these visual art experiences are accessible to everyone, regardless of skill-level, economic ability and age.

What We Do

Summer Art Workshops (SAW):
The Summer Art Workshop program is the cornerstone of our community outreach. We offer free (or donation-based) visual art classes led by professional art instructors to young people from 3rd grade to high school seniors. We offer 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, clay, and fine craft classes. Each class is structured to last 2 weeks with 30 hours of instruction, and a maximum 12:1 student teacher ratio.

Break Workshops:
The Break Workshops are another free (or donation-based) creative learning experience over extended school-breaks that focus on a particular theme. Students explore the cultural and historical significance of the theme, including guest artist demonstrations and field trips to regional art studios, museums, and art centers.

Investment in the Community: Number of School Districts Served: Regional Students Served: Hours of Visual Art Instruction: Field Trips to Area Museums/Art Studios: Instructors Employed per Summer:
$750,000 7 1,850+ 62,000+ 52 18

Guerilla (Public) Art:
International and Regional visual artists are employed to design the piece and then lead community members in the creation. Paid lead artists have included graduates from our very own SAW!

Public Art Pieces Produced: Student Participation in Public Art Production: Sudents Paid as Apprentice Artists: 100% Student Designed/Painted Public Art Pieces:
12 120 10 3

Artists @ Work:
The Artists @ Work program teaches our older students the business side of art production. Students learn business concepts from professionals and are given the opportunity to sell their creations in a retail environment.
Average Earnings of Artists @ Work: $175

Our Board

The Board of Art Central Foundation is comprised of dedicated volunteers who are proud to support such a worthwhile organization.

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Sue Wittman:
Executive Director

Maura Blanford:

Roy Patterson:
Vice President

Jim Langendorf:

Samantha Longworth:

Nancy Griffith:
Mktg. & Fundraising Chair

Eber Flores:
Interim Resource Mgmt. Chair

Teresa Rivers:
Public Art & Education Chair

Ciara Elam:
Public Art & Education

Donivan Hahn:
Public Art & Education Committee

Xena Hattar:
Mktg. & Fundraising Committee

Jimmy Muzquiz:
Resources Committee

Deborah Patterson:
Public Art & Education Committee

Trey Pitts:
Mktg. & Fundraising Committee

Maria Valentin:
Public Art & Education Committee

Jamie Seibert:
Public Art & Education Committee

Board Emeritus

Ed Taylor, Vice-President
Carla Davis, Vice-President
John Heyda, PhD, Secretary
Joe Wittman, Resources Chair
J.C. Shew, Esq.
Stephanie Stevens Storck